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“Simplicity and naturalness are the truest marks of distinction.”

CJK typography they never taught you


  • Why underlines are not visual formatting
  • The honorific full-width space
  • The traditional CJK pilcrow


  • The fullwidth space as a basic typographic unit
  • The honorific line break
  • Honorific outdents
  • The standard paragraph indent
  • Beyond kinsokushori
  • Vertical CJK text that runs from left to right

Standards gone wrong


Mere semantics

Mistranslations and misunderstandings

  • CJK, ME, and “Asian”
  • What are italics?

My CS6 review, or something like that

  • Adobe InDesign CS6 and ebooks, round 2
  • Adobe InDesign CS6 and ebooks, round 1
  • Adobe applications “dans” français
  • First impressions of Adobe InDesign CS6 on the Creative Cloud

Off topic

  • Setting up L-invoice
  • The end of the original Facebook metaphor
  • Turning a table “sideways” with CSS
  • User experience as an organization’s image
  • The alleged SEO benefits of webfonts
  • Foreign brand names