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“But it is a very serious problem, when… when less than two out of ten people between the age of 18 and 35 vote. The reason why they don’t is because the political construct has completely failed them. It’s not apathy; they feel it’s an exercise in futility.”

CJK typography they never taught you


  • Why underlines are not visual formatting
  • The honorific full-width space
  • The traditional CJK pilcrow


  • The fullwidth space as a basic typographic unit
  • The honorific line break
  • Honorific outdents
  • The standard paragraph indent
  • Beyond kinsokushori
  • Vertical CJK text that runs from left to right

Standards gone wrong


Mere semantics

Mistranslations and misunderstandings

  • CJK, ME, and “Asian”
  • What are italics?

My CS6 review, or something like that

  • Adobe InDesign CS6 and ebooks, round 2
  • Adobe InDesign CS6 and ebooks, round 1
  • Adobe applications “dans” français
  • First impressions of Adobe InDesign CS6 on the Creative Cloud

Off topic

  • Setting up L-invoice
  • The end of the original Facebook metaphor
  • Turning a table “sideways” with CSS
  • User experience as an organization’s image
  • The alleged SEO benefits of webfonts
  • Foreign brand names